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Dealing with tech sucks.
We want to help. 

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Anthony Inguaggiato
IT Experience
9+ Years
Electrical Engineering @ Florida Tech

Hi, I'm Anthony Inguaggiato, the Founder of LOYAL TECHS. I'm a technician that got fed up with the way tech support works for the consumer.

My experience in small retail, big retail, and large enterprise led me to discover that more often than not the consumer is getting ripped off. The way companies treat consumers is appalling in the tech support industry and every advantage is taken with the ever increasing rate of new products and services.  

​I believe consumers deserve fair treatment and all the help they can get when each year we constantly get bombarded with new products, updates, services and no instructions. 

It’s not fair for the consumer, it’s not fair for the techs. That’s why I want to fix it.

Our Mission

To be the most trusted and accessible mobile tech support service for the home (and remote), nationwide. 

Our Vision

We believe that receiving tech support should be easy, affordable, and on-demand. It should leave you confident and worry-free, without draining your wallet.

Media & Press

We love helping people and we love technology. If you're interested in writing about the current state of tech support or the confusing, unfair world consumer tech has become, we want to talk.

LOYAL TECHS was founded by Anthony Inguaggiato in August of 2016. Anthony used to offer tech support (2014-2016) to Florida Tech staff and students as well as Melbourne, FL through a simple website and phone number as a side gig. 

As the business started to grow, he looked for a mobile way to centralize bookings and communications across multiple channels such as phone, email, social media, etc. At the time, no such mobile solution existed for consumer tech support. He dabbled in iOS app design as a hobby and decided to create the first version of LOYAL TECHS in the summer of 2016. 

By the end of the summer, Anthony had completed a market test and managed to onboard a small group of friends and family to support his efforts, and LOYAL TECHS was born. 

August, 2016
Melbourne, FL
Service Location
Greater Orlando, FL
$99/hr In-Home
$59/hr Remote
Success Rate
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