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How Loyal Techs Came To Be

June 28, 2018

It wasn’t all gold stars at the beginning of this tech service company.




Everyone has had that moment of temporary panic when their laptops, computers, and or mobile devices started having problems. Sometimes the screen just stays completely black, or when you have way too many tabs open and your screen just stalls and freezes. For the unlucky bunch, it stays that way longer than wanted, prompting a need for a tech specialist. Calling for a tech specialist can just be as frustrating as when your device messes up. The wait can feel like forever and the jazz music they play when they put you on-hold isn’t entirely relaxing when you know you may or may not lose your important files soon. Just when you think it’s all over, they hit you with a hefty price tag at the end of the service and you stand there hoping your device never hits rock bottom again.


It’s because of that very cycle that Loyal Techs was born. With a passion for Information Technology (IT) and customer service, Anthony Inguaggiato founded Loyal Techs with a dream to be the best tech service people can get. Loyal Techs cuts the hefty price tag and the wait by offering an app with on-demand tech service, and guarantees to deliver high-quality work.


Now, Anthony has grown his company from a team of one to 20 dedicated individuals who specialize in tech, business development, and customer service. Loyal Techs has expanded their services from the Greater Boston area to New Hampshire and Rhode Island with plans of furthering services to cities like New York and the rest of New England by 2019.


Loyal Techs, however, didn’t start with gold in its pocket. To get to where they are now, they needed to start from the bottom and sometimes that meant having to live with no electricity. When Anthony started Loyal Techs, he first needed to experience working with businesses and people who weren’t entirely the best. He grew his passion for fixing his friends and families gadgets and devices into a career. He studied Electrical Engineering and continued working as an IT professional throughout school in various roles and departments. With his want to learn more, he joined a startup phone repair shop. Because of unfortunate circumstances, he couldn’t afford to re-enroll in the next school year, but that didn’t stop him from pursuing his dreams. He started working full-time at a local mom-and-pop tech shop where he learned the most about training and managing technicians, and the do’s and don’ts of how to run a business. This stint didn’t last long after learning that his boss couldn’t pay him what was promised, so he left and never looked back. What he did learn through all his ups and downs was that tech support can rip you off without you even knowing it. They charge ridiculous rates and make you wait for days. Not to mention, as a tech, you can be uncared for. This sparked a change in Anthony. He focused himself on learning more and taught himself how to build iOS apps and did everything he could to get Loyal Techs going.



Anthony proved his and his company’s worth to investors and has since been focused on growing the company. With a promise of cutting the expensive price tag and inefficient techs, Loyal Techs offers competitive prices accompanied by swift services. With just $9.99, you get a diagnostic call out by one of the techs as compared to the industry’s $100 fee. With just a click on the app, you get your own Loyal Tech at the time you need them most — no frills, no gimmicks, just you, a trusted Loyal Tech and the problem you want to be solved. Transparency is also something that Loyal Techs is proud of. They’ve created a user-friendly app interface wherein you can see what services are being done for you at the same time the technician is doing it. You get to monitor what’s being done, if it has been done and approve it before you even pay.


Taking care of the customer isn’t the only thing that Loyal Techs promise to do, they also give importance to their technicians by allowing them to be their own boss. The technicians of Loyal Techs are given the freedom to work their own hours and choose which jobs to take. There’s no need to negotiate for sick days and vacation leaves, Anthony allows his people to be able to manage their work-life balance. After his mother’s passing, he became even more determined to make Loyal Techs thrive. His driving force became his family, which also became translated into Loyal Techs values. Anthony incorporated the importance of family to his team, treats them as such, and allows them to work hours that didn’t conflict with family time. No children’s dance recitals, school plays, and morning chorus concerts missed.



Loyal Techs started with Anthony’s passion and hardships, it came to be at the hardest times, and was constantly fought for. He stuck to what he knew and he continued to do actions that were critical to both the growth of the company and himself. He invested his time and efforts in learning the best and quickest techniques and skills to solve common tech problems, and he took even more time to share this knowledge with his team of IT specialists. Loyal Tech is equipped with qualified technicians, all of whom are trusted, vetted, and nationally background checked.


Anthony stayed loyal to his company and his dream. He did and continues to do what is needed for the development of Loyal Techs. Because of this, investors see it and his own team stays loyal to him seeing that they are valued and are given value. With loyal technicians and specialists who have the same principles as both the company and Anthony, they are able to share it with the customers as well. It’s a ripple effect that began with Anthony and his simple vision of wanting to reinvent how people and techs were being serviced in the IT industry. He called his company Loyal Techs with the reason that he wanted his customers to know that Loyal Techs will be loyal to them. It was a simple thought and explanation, but it also is the reason why Loyal Techs continues to proliferate. Customers know that the company stays loyal to them so they do the same.




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